lovers newAfter that whirlwind romance you’re now serious about settling down with your antipodean partner on their home turf. You will require proof of the on-going relationship. But did you know that there are various visa types for differing relationship statuses? These are commonly known as Spouse, De-facto (meaning although not legally married you are in a permanent relationship as a couple) and Fiancé (prospective marriage). 

For every visa submission you must provide a minimum of 12 months evidence of your relationship. There are 2 parts to this application (sponsorship and visa). The Australian citizen/permanent resident acts as your sponsor and must agree to certain commitments

e.g. providing accommodation, financial help, and information/advice to help you adjust to life in Australia. Applicants must also attain health and character assessments. Every visa has 3 main fees: the initial registration, governmental and administration. Plus, Police checks, Medicals and payments for any documentation that requires verification.

If you apply on-shore (from inside Australia,) you will be entitled to a bridging visa. The actual application is now taking up to 18 months to obtain a decision, the bridging visa though will have the same conditions as the visa you are applying for. If you apply off-shore you will not have this right for a bridging visa. The Fiancé (prospective marriage) is an off-shore application.

Australian De Facto Visa

The de-facto visa is suitable for couples who are living together, when one of them is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The application process consists of two parts – the sponsorship and the visa application. The Australian citizen or permanent resident acts as the sponsor.

spouseAustralian Spouse Visa

Couples who are legally married are able to apply for a spouse visa when one of you is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The application is made up of two parts – the sponsorship and the visa application. The Australian citizen or permanent resident acts as the sponsor. In some circumstances, such as long term spousal relationships or those with children, your visa may be made permanent from day one without the need for the two year waiting period. This is at the discretion of the Australian immigration.

Australian Prospective Marriage Visa

The prospective marriage visa is intended for couples who are engaged to be married, when one them is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. There are two different parts to the application process – the sponsorship and the visa application. The sponsor is the Australian citizen or permanent resident involved in the relationship. This visa is valid for 9 months, and you must legally marry within this time. You will be entitled to live and work in Australia during this time.

As you can see there is a lot to consider, and we at Australian Travel Visas can assist you with any of the partnership visas prior to entering Australia. We can help you smoothly through the process. Email one of our experienced team today to discuss what we can do for you.