Hi Ben!

"Firstly Wow!! I can't believe that you managed to get Lisa a visa granted in less than 3 hours.
You guys are unreal! I can't thank you enough, she has had a tough time of things lately so this was just the best news that she needed and that she is making the right decision to head away.

Sorry to have put you under any pressure but most sincerely we are ever so grateful, I will be going onto any review or board websites that I can to rave about you!! Thanks again and will be sure to spread the word of your good work!"

Kindest regards Linda

Hi Ben 

“I had had my ticket booked to visit family in Australia for months. Two days before I was due to travel something made me check to see if a visa was needed and I was shocked to realise that UK residents now needed an online visa clearance. This was 2am on a Saturday morning ( 48 hours before my flight ) and I hastily submitted an application to Visa for Australia.

They contacted me that day having noticed that I was due to fly 48 hours later, but I didn’t see the email until the Sunday evening because I was away. They asked me for a copy of my flight details and promised to contact Hobart where the visas are processed as soon as their office opened at 8am on Monday morning (8 pm UK time.) At 3 am the next day, when I was due to fly at noon, I got an email from Visa for Australia saying that the visa had been issued, and my holiday was saved.

How many other agencies/ individuals would stay up all night to do this just because I had failed to realise that a visa was needed?....
I can’t overstate how much I appreciated that service and would recommend Visa for Australia to anyone"

Diana Jelley

"I have found Geoff and the team extremely helpful in sorting out the paperwork to obtain a visa to go to Australia and would recommend anybody with a problem to use his services."

Derek Stupples