pickersIt’s no surprise that Australia is still one of the most popular destinations to experience the adventure of a lifetime. What better then, to be there seeing the sights and earning a wage as well to fund yourself? Well if you’re 18-30 (up to your 31st birthday – In Ireland and Canada up to your 35th birthday) you should firstly apply for a 12 month working holiday visa, and if you then complete a successful 3 month term in your first year within a specified workplace you can apply for your second 12 month visa. Your working holiday visa is valid for a year from the date you enter Australia, and you must work for one employer for a maximum of 6 months.

But before you rush for your passport and the nearest airport you’ll need to consider a few things first. You will need to apply for a TFN (Tax File Number) from the Australian Tax Office. You will need this for your end of year tax return and 28 days after you start work.

Have you sufficient funds of $5000 AUS Dollars or at least a guarantor in case you need to support yourself in times of being between employment? Are you considering a bank account over in Australia? for that you will need both a TFN and an Australian address of residence. It pays to plan ahead.

The most popular sectors to work in are tourism, hospitality and agriculture which account for 70% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product. You may be a recent graduate skilled in a specific area, look at the local newspapers and jobsearch websites regularly especially Like other countries there are specific skill shortages in Oz from Bricklayers to Hairdressers, Bakers to Plumbers… keep a close eye on

If you need any help with the appropriate working holiday visa your Australian Tax File Number application, Bank account or have any other concerns please do not hesitate to call or email one of our experienced staff at Australian Travel Visas today to discuss what we can do for you.