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An Australian student visa will allow you to study in Australia for the duration of your course, as well as take additional family members with you.

You will have to declare on your application that you are able to financially support yourself and any family members who are accompanying you for the duration of your stay. These expenses include: travel cost, tuition fees and living expenses.

Financial Requirements for Australian Student Visas

To show you are able to support you and your families living expenses each year you will have to have a minimum of $12,000 AUD (£ 7792.00) for yourself, $4,200 AUD (£ 2727.00) for your spouse, $2,400 AUD (£ 1558.00) for your first child and $1,800 AUD (£ 1169.00) for each other child.

If you have family member that are not accompanying you to Australia you will still need to show you have enough funds to support them.

Example of evidence that you may be requested include: bank statements, pay slips, bank loan documents, to show you have sufficient funds.

Additional Financial Requirements

If you have children between the ages of 5 - 18, it is compulsory that they attend full-time education for the duration of your course and therefore you will need to provide tuition fees for their education also. This accumulates to around $8,000 AUD per year (£ 5195.00) plus your own course fees.

You can apply to work on this visa at an extra cost of $60 AUD (£ 39.00) to help supplement your stay in Australia, family member can also apply for permission to work. This allows you to work on a casual basis for up to 20 hours a week.

Please Note: If you are studying for less than 12 months your family members are not eligible to travel to Australia with you on this visa; however, you will still have to show you are able to support them financially in your absence.

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